Why is it important to design a blog properly for mobile devices?

You are interested in blogging and reading this post is enough to prove that you are a tech freak. However, congratulations; you are in right path and place. This is important to stick with the niche of your passion as this is the something at which you can be creative. And, there is no meaning if you are a blogger and not creative about your subject.

Realise it first

Coming to the topic, it is always very much crucial to ensure that your blog is thoroughly optimized in terms of design.  You can realise it in best way upon visiting all those successful blogs earning envy making amounts. Undoubtedly, these are upgraded and pretty high-end in terms of design. They know the fact that mobiles, or better to terms them as smartphones have become one of the biggest platforms for browsing. Hence, it’s a blunder if you don’t make it optimized for mobile devices.

Some people think optimizing the site for mobile devices is important for social sites. Wake up dude, all are not teenagers hanging unnecessarily with the social site. Well before these social media inception there have been sites, and people read these for their knowledge, favourite celebrity, news, etc. All we want to say is that there is a huge user base of internet through the smartphones as well.

Maintaining the impression

It is most important to optimize the site for mobile devices if your site is something information providing kind like checking results, enquiring a pin code, score, etc. User interface and layout of the site keeps a lot of importance in these cases. And, you can’t stop someone to use your site over the internet. Hence, if your site is not optimized for mobiles and the user feels disappointed about your site with his/her platform, then he is not going to give it damn. There is no point of excuse, he will make your site responsible, and would give a negative feedback.


Knowing both platforms

User experience works different for a site at a desktop and that on a mobile. People may not mind a little lag over a desktop, they emphasize more on the content quality; they read here. But, the scenario is little different with mobiles. Here people mostly use to have important updates or information. Hence, the loading time, optimization of the site plays a big part. It’s important for someone to understand this, and to understand the kind of approach a user would be having with their site.

Make thoroughly upgraded

Themes play a great role these days in terms of the designing of a site. While designing your site, it is important that you ask your designer about whether the same would be working fine with the mobile devices or not. There are many specialized for mobile devices themes available. No hesitation should be there for spending on this matter.

There are also cases we have seen when people go for a nice theme, optimized also, and feel the job is done for ever. With the appreciations all around, they feel overwhelmed. This shouldn’t be the case. As we have mentioned, designing sites for mobile interface hasn’t reached at its very peak yet. Innovations are going on, and in a competitive world it is important that you stay updated. In regular intervals ask your designer to add useful scripts to make it refreshing.

Arrange the contents

Content management is another quite important concern on this topic. Your content’s layout or structure should not be exactly the same as it is with the big screens. The aspects like sliders, top bars, options, links, and comment sections, all have to be perfectly positioned to ensure best experience from over the mobile. The image positions have to be perfectly in accordance with your sites as well. Never have it in mind that people don’t read much through mobiles.

Having all these in mind you can certainly expect better response from your viewers.


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