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Selfie has become the latest trend and the modern status symbol for everyone. There was a time when clicking a snap with pose was considered amazing but now selfie with a casual face is even better. If you want to take a selfie then a high quality camera is of course required. But even then is it very easy to take a selfie. Well, certainly not especially when you have more number of people and you have to put the phone beyond the stretchable limits of the hand. The best way to counter the challenge is to get a selfie stick. This is an innovative and purposeful device that helps you to take a better selfie with the helpful of Bluetooth. The interesting Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick is available here with interesting features and ranges.

The Bluetooth 3.0 remote control selfie monopod helps the stick to get connected to the phone. The Bluetooth helps you to take the selfie. The distance for the Bluetooth Operation is generally 10 meters. The use of the remote control shutter is also flexible to use and is detachable. You can either use it or you may use it separately as well. This is completely based on the choice of the users. However, the productivity and the usability in both the cases are same. The Phone Holder Spread is limited by the distance of 5.4 to 9 cm. However, the safety of the phone is also a concern and the selfie stick gives you the Lanyard Safeguard. The handle of the stick is also very comfortable and easy to hold.

Bluetooth Selfie


The Selfie stick is made of Aluminum Alloy and has the Smart App for the perfect selfie. The battery work time is up to 3 to 6 months and one can have two choices when it comes to the colors. The Selfie Stick has certain buttons on the handle and that helps the users to control the camera and take perfect selfie shot. You can record video, click on the camera, zoom in and out, shutter the camera, LED light and, of course, the Power. The best part of the Bluetooth Selfie Sticker is that it is affordable and available for attractive prices at You can always adjust the height of the stick according to the need. This may look large, but these are portable and also very easy to carry. It is beautifully designed and can be used with a tripod as well. Unlike others, the selfie stick can help you to take selfie irrespective of the mode of the phone. It can be landscape or even portrait mode; the stick would stick to you.

This is one of the most popular Bluetooth selfie stick cell phone accessories and can be used for iPhone, Samsung S6 Edge, and others.


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