Using the Right Social Media Sites for Business Content

Keeping the customer happy is more important than ever because in today”s technology driven world a review is only a click away from being posted online. While businesses strive to provide services that will delight and satisfy clientele, companies can also be proactive when marketing for new business. Using the right site can generate instant word of mouth thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

Sites for the Visually Inclined

While Pinterest usually relies on visuals like Instagram, users pin images according to specific niches or categories. This site largely appeals to women who like crafting, DIY and edible treats. Catering companies, party planners and interior designers can benefit when clients want to capture finished products and inspire others. Professional and polished work that others may want will be loaded to Pinterest so viewers can admire the results.


Teens and young adults use Instagram to showcase their adventures while on the go. Pinterest is for themed parties and home improvement projects, but Instagram is for unique moments that could happen at any time. Formal events and special occasions can be found on Instagram, and photos here are more focused on the people and memories than the decor or food. Days at the beach, shopping in the city or sightseeing while on vacation are most likely to be found on this picture uploading site.

Sending a Message on Twitter

Twitter forces users to be creative and brief since posts have a word limit. Most social media sites allow people to attach pictures with text posts, but Twitter is generally best for a quick update with one incredible photo attached. Retailers and eateries usually end up on Twitter when someone stops by for lunch or to shop, and stores can capitalize on this by encouraging patrons to tweet. Displaying a catchy phrase with a hashtag or offering a discount when tagging a store in a tweet benefits customers and promotes the company.

The Place for Everything

Facebook is a catchall for pictures, texts and promotional offers. In addition to a company website, many businesses have a separate page on Facebook to advertise and check in with customers. Interacting with potential clients on Facebook is important since many people check it multiple times a day, and this approach is best for those who want to take the time to build a presence online. Regardless of the services offered, a representative of the company needs to monitor the site often, post news and updates and entice customers with offers or new products. Facebook users may post when they are at a store or take pictures of an event, but they probably will not link content unless the company has a Facebook page.

Marketing and excellent customer service work together so customers and businesses will both be rewarded. Businesses that create amazing moments can get instant gratification when people promote services while they are happening, and companies must know which tools are most useful for which services.


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