Try These Smartphone Apps And Hit Those Fundraising Targets With Ease

If you enjoy doing your bit to help others who are less fortunate – we think you rock! But it can seem like a thankless task at times, a lot of work and sometimes the general public do not want to part with their cash. The organisation can be incredibly complicated and this is not always easy when your help is a bit thin on the ground. Even a small charity campaign can be extremely time consuming, and volunteers don’t always materialise in time. So with the organisational issues in mind, where can you go to for some professional, but free, advice and help? Did you ever think about trying a few Smartphone fundraising Apps for your good cause? We’ve got 2 of the best here and hopefully one of them will be just what your next campaign needs.

Cozi Family Organizer: Calendar and Lists – Free

This App will run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. Okay, Cozi has been designed as a family organisation App, but we think it has other uses as well. When you think about the way a campaign is set up, the word ‘Family’ really does come to mind. Forget about all of the chaos that is associated with your old fundraising campaigns, they are a thing of the past. Cozi will organise every aspect of your new fundraising campaign with ease. The calendar syncs up to outlook, or you can import any type of online calendar should you wish. The mail feature allows you to send reminders and ‘to-do’ lists with minimal effort. This App is also available on iOS and Blackberry platforms and this factor allows you to share the experience with your campaign members. It works and it works very well – we love it!

Keynote By Apple – $10

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Okay, any fundraising campaign worth its’ salt requires some pretty good presentations. Unless you are a PowerPoint wizard, this may be easier said than done. These fundraising meetings really need to have universal appeal to all of the potential donors. So a half assed presentation will just not cut the mustard. So let’s check out what Keynote has to offer, and can it beat the might of PowerPoint? Well it certainly has some funky features that allow even a beginner the ability to create a sweet presentation. The animated charts and eye catching graphics will definitely catch your audiences’ attention form the word go. You can use the remote feature to control the whole show from your iOS Smartphone; the controls are extremely easy to master and very well thought out. So we think this presentation tool will definitely help your fundraising campaign in a big way. It’s definitely worth the ten dollar download cost, just think of the pledges that will come your way after that killer slideshow!

Ready To Raise Funds?

Why not combine the power of both of these Apps for your next campaign? We think you’ll soon be helping your favourite charity with awesome results – Good Luck!

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