Android Legal Apps Are Amazing!

If you are lucky enough to be involved in the Legal business, you probably know all about the tight deadlines and the level of details required to go about your daily tasks. It may be a lucrative career choice, but it most certainly is not an easy way to make some coin. So when you are in need of some clerical help to keep your meetings and court cases in order, where do you turn? If you work for a huge international company, you’ll probably have an assistant who can take care of the administration issues. But what if you are just starting out or perhaps working for a far smaller legal setup? Did you know that Android Market have developed some very cool apps that are extremely useful for legal professionals? If you like the sound of these little helpers, please take a seat and read the rest of this article.


The Law Guide / Dictionary by – Free

Unless you have the best memory on the planet, you will always need to lug around some serious heavyweight books to refer to for legal reference. They don’t make these volumes in dainty little sizes, so you’d better have a strong back and some big biceps! But now there is a cool alternative and it weighs less than a feather. This app contains 8,500 legal definitions that will surely help you get out of any legally related corner in the future. It’s a totally free download that is available from the Google Play Store and it is certainly going to make a lot of lawyers and law students very happy indeed. The Law guide has a very intuitive browsing system and you can access the dictionary even in offline mode. Of course, you can always carry those huge books around just for show, but we know where the smart money is going to be regards these options!

Voice Recorder by Mamoru Tokashiki – Free

Unless you are gifted with the ability to copy notes at lightning speed, the chances are that you will need some type of voice recorder for those legal meetings. Instead of using a cheap and unreliable gadget, why not try out this very useful app instead? You will not miss a beat with this cool digital app and once the sound file is complete, you can attach it to an email and manipulate the results on your desktop PC. It has a very useful timer feature that allows for some discretion when you want to be a little sneaky and you also have the ‘record all’ option. Finding these files for further perusal is simplicity and you will be able to save them to specific folders if necessary. So no more untidy notes and just forget about those crummy lo-fi tape recorders that some legal people still seem to swear by. We love this app and believe you should download it now while it’s still totally free!

Android To The Rescue!

So there you have it, 2 very cool and useful legal tools that sit nicely on your lovely Android Smartphone!


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