3 Ways to Use Technology To Be More Efficient

If there is one thing most people take for granted, it is their time. You only have a finite amount of time and you will never return to the exact moment you are occupying; are you making it worthwhile? With more opportunities than ever before to waste time, it would seem that people are burning through it without giving it a second thought. In business, time is money, and it is incredibly important that you are being as efficient as possible. Included here are a few ways to use technology to make you more efficient.

Give Your Employees Access

One problem with modern businesses is that their employees only have access to work documents while at work. With tools like Googledocs and other web systems, your employees should have secure access to their work even from home. This can allow productive employees to put in some time on the clock even if they have to stay home with a sick child.

Employees can also find ways to be there in spirit when they are forced to stay home with family responsibilities. Using tools like Skype, or Google Hangout, can allow your employees to sit in on business meetings, even if they are not there physically. They also may be able to contribute to brainstorming sessions from a distance.


Track Your Movements

Taking an hour or more out of your day to sit in the gym can be a waste of your efficiency. Yes, you are investing in your health, but do you need to set aside so much time for it? Consider investing in one of the new fitness trackers you can wear on your wrist. This way you can simply cut out small chunks of time to run up the stairs or jog at lunch and still get your daily exercise requirements in.

Some studies have shown that tracking your movements will encourage you to be more active throughout the day. You can also link the exercise diary to a food tracker on your phone, allowing you to stay healthy while being productive throughout the day.

Utilize Your Smartphone

If there is any tool that goes under-utilized in modern society, it is a smartphone. Now, you probably do use your smartphone constantly, but are you using it to its full capacity? Smartphones are capable of linking calendars, shooting videos and tracking sleep cycles and much, much more.

Use your smartphone to manage your time more wisely. This can mean setting alarms for deadlines, or even giving yourself deadlines throughout the day. You could allot yourself 15 minutes to update your social media before logging off. If you have not logged out at the set time an alarm will go off, or you will be booted out of that web browser.


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