4 Ways Tech Has Improved Your Ride

We’ve come a long way since the very first Ford was on the road, and thanks to technology your daily commute is prime time for a little pampering. Innovation in the auto industry is taking place at breakneck speed, and it’s a grand time to be a car owner. From fixing chips and cracks in glass in a jiffy to the latest hydrogen-powered research cars, consider everything that tech has done for your ride over the years.

Here are some of the greatest (and sometimes overlooked) tech advancements in the auto world worthy of a standing ovation. How many does your ride feature?

1. Heated seats

These are sometimes literal lifesavers, especially for those in chilly regions and for vulnerable populations such as the elderly or young children. Recently, the New York Times reported on how to survive in your car during a blizzard, and the occasional “treat” of those heated seats and steering wheel can play a major role. Make sure you know your survival strategy just in case you ever need to put it into practice.

2. iPod jacks

Remember when you used to make playlists, both on tape and CD, in order to ensure your road trip was epic? That all changed when it became instantaneous and easy to pipe in your iPod. Get advice from The Huffington Post on how to create the ultimate playlist for your next road trip and enjoy the advancement of technology. A little Willie Nelson, anyone?


3. Hybrids, e-Cars and hydrogen

There was a time when Prius was the be-all, end-all of eco-friendly cars but now they’ve gone mainstream. Almost every auto maker offers a hybrid and/or e-car option and now hydrogen-powered vehicles are making their debut. As more alternative fueling stations pop up around the country, you’ll find more of them on the road. Saving the environment and your fuel spending at the same time? Now that’s tech at work.

4. Parking assistance

Not everyone has the skills to flawlessly parallel park every time (or a friend to get out and guide you). Parking assistance has been minimizing fender benders in parking lots and crowded streets for awhile now. However, it’s also one step closer to automated driving a la “iRobot.” Soon, accidents will be reduced as technology expertly takes the wheel.

Enjoy all the advancements in car technology no matter what make, model or year you drive. After all, if it’s about the journey and not the destination, shouldn’t your journey be a bump-free ride?

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