Top Apps to Make Moving Easier

Thanks to the versatility of the handy smartphone, a good deal of the stress and difficulty of moving is gone. There are now apps available that are capable of assisting with virtually every aspect of relocation. Whether it”s about making sure that the soon-to-be relocated have marked off everything they need to do for the move, ensuring that movers have enough space and manpower to successfully move within a given time frame, or navigating and finding nearby locales, apps on iOS and Android devices are available that will help take the headache out of modern moving.

Basic Apps: The Moving List and Moving Planner

While it may seem that an innocuous app like The Moving List would have only limited utility, both The Moving List and Moving Planner are checklist-based apps which are highly rated among smartphone users because of their exhaustiveness, according to BoomerBrief. The Moving List has a 95-question checklist to work with, for example. Moving Planner has a massive 281-question checklist to cover every possibility.

While it may seem a little odd to use an app that is simply a checklist, anyone who has ever moved knows that without an exhaustive checklist of some sort, something will invariably be misplaced or forgotten. Because of these handy apps, people relocating have an added layer of peace of mind that they”ve covered everything they had to before they move, allowing the relocation itself to remain the primary focus.


More Advanced Apps: Moving Van (iOS) and Moving Day (iOS)

Once the homeowner has a handle on the to-do list, it”s all about actually moving. According to Toni J, a contributor to Moving Insider, Moving Van is a fantastic app that calculates how much space is taken up by each box, lists and identifies the contents to ensure that everything is in place for the move and ensures that each box”s contents are known without any surprises.

Moving Day is another handy app that can send and print labels as PDF files for boxes so that movers know exactly where each box goes, as well as barcode labels that will ensure that each item packed has arrived. The amount of stress reduced by these features makes both apps well worth a download (Moving Van costs $1.99 and Moving Day is free to download.)

Once the above apps have been used to organize the information needed for the move, making the call to arrange the move becomes far simpler, says Door to Door, as any questions that the moving company might need to ask for a move successful will have already been answered by the apps.

Navigation Apps: Waze, Around Me, and Yelp

Once everything”s packed, having Waze handy will assist the process of actually moving. Waze is a traffic app that will not only calculate the best possible route, but adjust for traffic conditions, making the actual move considerably smoother.

On the way to the final destination many things can happen to delay progress, whether it be trying to find a gas station to fill up or a drugstore for a headache caused by the stress of moving. The Around Me app is indispensable for finding locations such as gas stations, banks, drugstores, and more. Finally, when it”s time to find a place to eat or shop, whether on the way or at the new location, Yelp”s smartphone app gives the location of nearby restaurants and other local businesses, as well as handy reviews.


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