Five Must Have Electronic Gadgets

Technology, as always has handed many of the advanced techniques and gadgets to help us have a closer look towards science and new modern discoveries. In this 21st Century, hardly one has a cut to the modern gadgets and latest technology. Science has proved to be useful in almost all walks of life. And here we are again with the five most used  and most advanced gadgets of the century to help you interact with technology more closely and feel the uniqueness of being modern and up-to-date.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Are you bored of watching your HDTV, broadcasting with few limited channels? Have WiFi and want to extend your experience beyond this? Well, here’s an exciting and quite unique gadget at your rescue to let you transform your old and boring box to a new smarter TV. Now, have a look at the all new ‘Amazon fire TV Stick’ bringing home a new experience of watching Television.

The device basically comes with per-installed applications like Netflix India, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and etc allowing you to access over thousands of songs, videos, movies, games, TV shows and much more. You can just simply connect the fire stick to your HDTV or LED/LCD having HDMI port and also the power cable for activating the fire stick. The gadget also provides with a remote control facility with inbuilt mic for better voice searches.

How it works
The device works with an active wireless internet connection (WiFi) to maintain all the apps on just one single platform. It readily connects to your TV through HDMI port and is quite interactive and easy to setup and use. It requires a registration and may also charge subscription fee. The gadget’s best feature is its remote which comes with a voice search interface. You can just press the voice button on the remote and speak what you want to search or surf.


Processor MediaTek Quad-Core ARM 1.3 GHz
Storage 8Gb(Internal)
Bluetooth Supports bluetooth version 4.1
Output Resolution Supported 720p and 1080p up to 60fps
TV Compatibility Ideal for HDTV having HDMI cable with 1080 or 720 pixels.

Fitness Band

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Smart Fitness Bands

Health has always been a matter of concerns for many and this concern has led to the discovery of a many fitness gadgets. fitness bands has been one of them, gaining popularity day by day among all the age groups. The device is basically in form of a band which is to be tied around the wrist and ideally keep he track of health statistics. The device has a pedometer and also calculates calories, heat rate, acts as a digital wrist watch. In addition, it can also maintain your sleeping pattern records.

How it works
You just need to put it on your wrist and can also connect it to your smartphones through few applications The band is meant to keep your daily even hourly health records. It calculates almost all aspects required to keep yourself fit. The band has a latest technology to detect normal and unforeseen situations and are is ideal for monitoring psychological parameters. It readily catches your swimming, walking, running, cycling, etc moments and presents the formulated results.

Overall this device helps to maintain the fitness and health of the humans with high accuracy and minimal errors.

The specifications mentioned below are common to most of the fitness bands.

Categories Key Features
Suitable For Activity tracking, Heart rate monitoring, Sleep tracking
General Function Step count, Heart Rate Monitoring, Calories burned, Sleep Tracking, Distance traveled, Sleep monitoring, Notifications
Compatible Devices iPhone, Android Phones
Other Features Alert Type: Vibration, Phone Call Reminder
Bluetooth Version v4.2
Sensor Type 3-axis Accelerometer
Battery Life 5-7 Days

VR Glasses

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Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses or simply VR glasses has been the most famous gadget among the youngsters these days. After all who would refrain to use such an awesome modern gadget. VR glasses, actually generates realistic images, sound and other sensations to stimulate your presence into an imaginary or a virtual world.

This device is available at quite reasonable prices. This gadget is available on many online stores like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, etc along with many discounts coupon and exciting wallet offers. With ultra hi-tech device one can actually change his experience being in a real world itself. The device is mostly used entertainment purposes and also outshines its advantages in gaming platforms providing you an environment quite similar to that being played. Most of the glasses carries out PC-based operations. The device not only pioneers in its entertainment market but is widely used for social sciences and psychological purposes. It has also been instrumental in Educational arenas.

How it works
The virtual reality glasses are not anymore a rocket science. You are just to put up and attach your smartphone (if it is compatible: please read specifications before purchasing) and mount it just in front of your eyes and there you can have an awesome and refreshing 3D effect of the virtual world. You can enjoy any movie, games, videos, etc.

It basically projects the light from your smartphones or your computers directly to your eyes imparting an effect of something being real which is actually not..

The specifications mentioned below are common to most of the VR glasses.

Category Key Features
Compatible Devices Suitable for 4.7~6.0 inches smartphones
Resolution 1080 x 980
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Field of View 70-80 Degrees
Compatible OS Android, IOS, Windows
Display Type Curved Mirror Based
Physical Application Spectacle


Internet has become one of the basic necessity of the modern world. Hardly any field lacks the involvement of internet. Taking this into notice many telecommunication services have come up with the introduction of high speed 4G internet services .Not only this but India’s leading private sector company named Reliance has been providing the country with unexpected Hi-speed internet with unbelievable low rates. Jio has been a huge project, setting up its roots in all over India. To enhance our internet usage, Jio has launched its new and advanced 4G router or JIO-FI providing you with the best and inexpensive internet services. The best, this device just converts your ordinary or 2G/3g smartphone or device into a 4G phone with just a worth of Rs.2000 only.

The best features for which the product has gained popularity is its portability and long battery life. It Is basically a WiFI and functions the same as one in your homes but its main feature is that it is operated through a sim card and needs to be recharged time to time. As discussed earlier its major advantage is its portability i.e you can carry this device to anywhere anytime and will provide with an active internet connection.

How it works
This product works quite quick and easily. You just simply have to insert the recharged sim inside the router and have to switch it on. The device automatically gathers the internet range and offers the best and the fastest 4G wireless connection with hardly any issues. It also has a screen displaying battery, connection range and WiFi connectivity. Not this but it contains a WPS Button to let you secure your wireless connection.


Category Key Features
Brand JIO
Display Size 9.5cm
Product Dimensions 8.6 x 5.5 x 1.6 cm
Batteries Lithium ion battery
Connectivity 802_11_BGN
Card Reader slot (yes) MicroSD  Card
Warrenty 1 Year

Amazon Alexa

Have you ever thought of an assistant to manage up your daily schedule? An assist to assist you and to guide and to even handle up your personal mailing services. Here’s a product on fire these days. Introducing you to the all new modern hi-tech gadget of the century. ‘Amazon Alexa’ is one of the device which is not only an assistant but also a home automation device, music player, handles messaging and SMS services and even orders online.

The product can play music in synchronization with Amazon music account and can also from various online streaming services like Apple music or Google play. Alexa is capable of managing voice controlled alarms, timers, to do list and even your shopping plans. and can access Wikipedia articles. It can also respond to the items in user’s Google Calender.

This device has been many a times out of stock as it is quite inexpensive as per its features installed. You can also grab a one at quite low prices by availing wallet offers, available on our website.

How it works
Alexa makes the use of the state of the art technology, Using it will always have a new experience as the users will come to know about its new features day by day. It implies the use of a companion application which is available for iOS, Android and Amazon Appstore to connect to itself. It is quite easy to use and has very less connectivity issues as compared to other devices. On the top, It is compatible with almost all types and operating system of smartphones .


Size 9.3″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″ (235 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm)
Bluetooth Connectivity Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
System Requirements Compatible with Andriod, iOS, Fire OS and is also accessible through web browsers.
Audio 2.5 inch woofer and 2.0 inch tweeter

Winding Note

In overall aspect, I would just say that these products are worth purchasing, not only because of their features but also because of their reasonable prices. And who would leave such an amazing gadgets with the latest specification and hardly would miss a closer glance of mere future upcoming inventions Because technology is what we invent for use only.


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