5 Apps That Will Help You Succeed On The Stock Market

Playing on the stock market is one of the easiest ways to make money in the world. Unfortunately it’s also one of the easiest ways to lose your money, your home, and everything else you own. If you have already decided to test your skills you will need to be well-prepared. You’re in for a treat because there are some great iPhone apps that can help you out and we’re going to look at what they do.

Fantasy Stock

If you jump straight into the stock market there is a good chance you will throw away all your money. It’s a scary place for anyone and at the end of the day you only risk your money if you think you’re going to make even more. The stock market is not a game, but if you’re not experienced you can actually use a game to practice. The Fantasy Stock app lets you play with imaginary stocks and when you think you’re ready you can move onto the real thing.



Now it’s time to move onto something a little more serious, but before your wallet comes out you will need a place to find some great information. Once you start using TheStreet app you will be able to stay up-to-date with all the latest news. It covers everything and it’s easy to use, of course that is only once you know what to look for. Before you begin your journey to take over the world you definitely need to become accustomed with this app.

E*TRADE Mobile

You have a problem because before you start buying stocks you will need a special app. I’m sure you can appreciate how dangerous the situation might become, so you need to go with one of the best stock trading apps and E*TRADE Mobile won’t let you down. You will be able to make payments straight from the comfort of your phone, plus everything will be done instantly which is vital because in the stock market timing is everything.


What are you going to do now that you’ve bought some stocks? The next step is taking care of your portfolio because if you don’t have your eye on it you might lose everything in an instant. The StockWatch app has informative and beautiful graphs, which makes your job a lot easier even if you’re following multiple stocks. Make sure you look at the app before you buy any stocks because you’ll need to track everything as soon as you get going.

Stock Timing

We’ve already talked about how timing is crucial and if you’re going to do things right you must know what to expect. You won’t find a way to know when something is going to change, but the Stock Timing app will let you look at the historical picture of the market. You will be able to predict things based on past trends, which means more of your guesses will be right. You can’t forget the past if you’re to succeed in the future.

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