4 Important Safe Sex Apps for College Students

When you go off to college, you”re suddenly faced with a significant amount of freedom and personal responsibility. So it”s probably not a surprise that statistics show that college students are very sexually active, with a third of students claiming that they have sex multiple times each week, in survey results published by Discovery News. However, increased sexual activity also comes with increased risks of pregnancy or STD transmission. Here are four safe sex app that college students can use to better monitor their sexual and reproductive health.

MyPill Birth Control Reminder

Women or intimate couples who want to keep track of birth control cycles can use this calendar app to monitor monthly doses. You”ll be able to track days of intimacy along with your periods so that you can have a comprehensive view of your sexual health. The latest version of the app is Touch ID compatible, so that users must use their fingerprint to unlock the MyPill data. You can also view a news feed containing anonymous tips, question and answer sessions, and chat room regarding birth control schedules.


Facing AIDS Awareness Campaign

Facing AIDS is an awareness initiative managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The campaign strives to raise awareness about testing options and help people overcome the stigma of HIV prevention, testing and treatment. College students can participate in the #FacingAIDS movement by organizing community awareness events or posting informative selfies on the official campaign app. The Facing AIDS app contains information about World Aids Day along with a photo gallery of other campaign participants.


When you”re a college student, it can feel extremely unfamiliar or difficult talking about sex, even with healthcare professionals. SexPositive is an app created by the University of Oregon”s Health Center. It provides students with extensive reference guides to STI risks, safe sex practices, and communication advice. These guide are illustrated by informative YouTube videos, which help reduce the stigma associated with talking about sex. SexPositive also comes with a funny roulette game that helps you identify safe sex measures for when one body part touches another.

If you are sexually active, it”s important to discuss sexual health with a medical professional to learn about various STD prevention techniques and contraception options. It is important to start building safe sex habits now. Taking action early can ensure that your intimate relationships during and after college remain safe and healthy.


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