5 Tech Tips for Businesses with Mobile Workers

A lot of businesses these days have some percentage of their workforce that operates in a mobile manner. This can either mean people work from home, or just work on the go with laptops, tablet, or other mobile devices.

But because the kind of mobile work is a relatively new development, some of the details surrounding how to have it proceed effectively and efficiently are still up in the air. But, by following the five tips below, you can start to clean up the edges of your mobile workforce, on a business level at the least.

Create a Seamless Cloud Experience

Different pieces of software, messaging apps, and cloud services will often act a bit differently on separate kinds of devices on the go. So, if you”re not familiar with how to sync all of this information professionally, consider hiring an IT consulting company with a specialization in the service. Many of these contractors will provide only what you need as well, so they have options for businesses with no IT department, a small IT department, or a fully functioning one.

Use Time Trackers

Invoicing can be an interesting topic when it comes to mobile workers. How long are people actually working for, and what are they doing? To help answer this questions, you can install employee time-trackers that work for the benefit of both the company and the employees. Software is installed, and then the system is logged onto, and then all activity is logged accordingly in a central database. This way everyone knows how much time a person spends on a project, so they can be paid fairly in all instances.


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Have the Workforce Use the Same GPS Software

It”s also a good idea to track location of employees who work on a mobile basis for a number of reasons. First, an employee can prove that he or she was somewhere, and can invoice for it accordingly. Also, different popular GPS apps use different maps, so getting everyone to use the same program will ensure that directions and time references are always consistent.

Don”t Forget About Basic Health Issues

One interesting aspect of mobile work is its effect on worker health. When working remotely, it”s easy to get stuck in a chair and just stare at a  computer screen without moving for many hours. Businesses can use stretching reminder apps to suggest to people that they get up and walk around regularly to avoid unhealthy sitting habits.

Pay Attention to Cost and Benefit of Driving Time

There are cost benefit tools available to businesses who are trying to determine the right ratio of businesses-centric work vs. mobile work as well. These tools analyze things like driving time, cost of gas, and amount of work accomplished on the clock to determine the most financially responsible format for workers.


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