Restless Leg Syndrome Explained – Three E-Books That Help Inform

A variety of sleep disorders and issues have plagued millions of people since time immemorial, but most have been diagnosed, evaluated and have extensive medical research that outlines the causes, treatment and symptoms. Restless leg syndrome – sometimes referred to as RLS – is a fairly new conditions in terms of identification and has less universal acceptance/understanding among various doctors. In the past, those who suffered probably were not aware of the true causes of their restless nights, but technology has helped to increase awareness and promote cures for this ailment. If you currently suffer from tossing, turning and have restless nights time and time again, then continue reading to find out about three e-books that are designed to help inform and identify restless leg syndrome.


100 Questions & Answers About Restless Leg Syndrome

Anyone who may be a victim of restless leg syndrome experiences some common symptoms: unpleasant feelings when lying down or standing still, an urge to move about and periodic limb movement while asleep. Do you suffer from any of these issues? If so, then it is possible that restless leg syndrome is to blame for your sleepless nights. E-books like the 100 Questions & Answers About RLS have helped identify some of the most common questions that individuals ask when they think that they may suffer from the ailment and provides answers to each inquiry. Not only will all of your questions be answered, but you will also be able to find information about diagnoses, treatment options and the quality of life that you can expect if you do have this ailment. Available on Google Play for $10, the 100 Questions & Answers About Restless Leg Syndrome can help its readers determine whether a formal diagnosis is needed.

RLS: Relief and Hope for Sleepless Victims of a Hidden Epidemic

Since so many doctors and health professionals still do not know everything there is to know about restless leg syndrome, you owe it to yourself to gather as much knowledge as possible before you make an appointment with a sleep clinic or specialist. The RLS: Relief and Hope e-book will empower users with the information that they need on sleep management skills, social networks with RLS sufferers, the potential causes of the disease and what the criteria are for a proper diagnosis. Jam-packed with information on the social, environmental and internal functions that can trigger this problem, readers of this e-book – available for $11 – can get to the bottom of the situation and find the answers that they need.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Last but not least, the Restless Legs Syndrome e-book contains medical-grade information on the subject of RLS and can help readers determine whether they have enough symptoms to warrant a professional evaluation. Symptoms, the diagnosis process, treatment solutions and potential causes are all covered in this e-book, which can help its readers feel more at ease with the reality of the condition and the fact that it is treatable. Clinical material is also provided, which could come in handy for any medical professional that you may see in the future. The Restless Legs Syndrome e-book can be downloaded from Google Play.


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