I Have No Idea WhatsApp With You?

Did You Know You Could Have Used 3G Or Wi-Fi To Message Me From Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have certainly made life a lot easier and far more entertaining for most of us. However, the cost of making calls or sending text messages may not be within the reach of all smartphone users. This is specifically why there have been various apps created in order to make either voice calls or instant messaging either a lot cheaper, or in many cases, completely free. One such app that has caused a buzz and is currently being used by millions of people is WhatsApp.



The WhatsApp messenger can be used with a huge variety of phones, including iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and even the good old and trusted Nokia phones. You have the ability to send and receive messages in a variety of ways, such as via text, audio or video. If you happen to have access to 3G or a Wi-Fi connection you can even send picture messages from the app. You will not require a username or pin to operate the app and can simply download it and get started straight away.

A particularly good feature of the app may be extremely useful to companies, offices and businesses. You have the ability to use the app for group chats, which is the ideal way to hold a conference call or ad hoc meeting with people either in your office or out in the field. The app also allows you to send and receive free international messages, which will once again be extremely useful for businesses or indeed anyone who has friends and family abroad.


  • The app can be downloaded for free and will remain free for the first year. After this you will pay less than a dollar on an annual basis to keep using the app. There are absolutely no hidden costs you should be aware of
  • You have the ability to hold group chats, so you can speak to a number of people at the same time.
  • Due to multimedia functionality you can send messages in voice, text, image and audio format.
  • You can speak to friends and family abroad for free, as the app has no international charges whatsoever.
  • The app does not require you to log in and log out and there are no usernames or pins supplied.
  • If your phone happens to be off the app will save messages offline and you can retrieve these once you turn your phone back on or come online again.
  • You don’t actually need to add anyone to the app, as it connects automatically with your smartphone’s phone book and will add whoever is in your contact list.
  • The app also provides many other useful and fun features, including custom wallpapers, a history of all your email chats, a choice of various notification sounds, and the ability to share your current location. This is simply a few of the additional features, but you will find many more once you start using the app.


The “WhatsApp” app can be found in the Communication category of Google Play and is completely free to download. You will require an operating system of Android 2.1 and upwards.


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