7 Top Online Places To Market Your Dance Studio

If you are a dancer or a dance instructor and own a dance studio that is struggling to find recruits or students, it could be that you are not doing enough in terms of marketing. With the technology age, the best place to market your studio these days is online. Below are some great online avenues you can use to promote your studio:


As you are already aware, Facebook is the leading social networking site on the globe. It is great since it works as word of mouth advertising but in a grander scale. People use it to connect to friends and share details and news of their lives. It is so easy for these people to share links, events and resources with friends. If a business has a facebook page, it will normally show up in the first pages of search results.

Therefore, if someone in your locality searches for dance classes, your studio will be among the first results if you have a facebook page. The site is also highly interactive encouraging connection and involvement. Hence, it is an excellent way to build and work with community among your present clients or students.


Twitter is the second most popular social networking site on the planet. Unlike other sites, it mainly focuses on linking users via quick, short messages throughout the day. You can use the site to share news of your studio with users. Since the messages are short, make them precise and catchy. Stay relevant to your niche and do not sound overly promotional. The good news is that you can link your twitter account with your facebook account.



Even though this social network site is relatively new, it is quickly catching up with the others. Millions of users have already signed up making it a marketing hotspot for online marketers. You too can have a share of the pie by opening your account. Once you sign up, you will wait for two or three days for the developers to give you access.

Once you have your account, you can upload photos on boards you create. These photos are visible to your followers as well as people searching the site in general. Make sure that you create topics that will attract interest and generate response from viewers.

Google Places

If you have a physical address for your dance studio and based locally, then it is extremely vital you to put your business on Google Places. That way, each time someone searches your niche using Google, your site will appear along with contact information, comments, ratings and directions.

Thus, if someone was specifically looking for your dance studio, Google will provide him or her with the exact information he or she needs right away. As a business owner, to claim your listing you must hold a Gmail account. Google will mail you a postcard to the business address to verify your business, and send you a pin that you will use on the site.


This review site helps consumers find information regarding your business locally. The site also includes information on special offers, events, business lists and recently has crossed over to the social sector with the ability to add friends and communicate with other people using the site. You can use this site to expose your business, research on local needs and monitor what your students and customers are saying about your dance studio.

Yahoo Local

This comprehensive and extensive business directory contains ratings, maps, reviews, events and so much more. If your site is on Yahoo Local, it will come up in search engine results. Furthermore, more and more people are increasingly relying on Yahoo Local to find information locally. It is vital to get your listing and be accurate in your business listing accurate on the site.


One of the most popular ways to popularize your dance studio is to share videos on YouTube. To be able to upload and share videos on the site, you must have a YouTube channel. You can upload videos of some of your best dance classes, rehearsals, performances, dance instructions and interview with some of your staff or students. Once you upload them, you can leave links, directing users to your site if someone wants more information.


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