5 Ways to Organize and Visualize Your New Product Idea

Having the idea for a new great product is, well, great! But, creating an actual model of it is something completely different, and that fact that people get stuck at the physical prototype stage of so many cool ideas is just a testament to the restrictive power of not being able to see or touch something that”s conveniently lodged in someone”s brain.

However, there are new tools to help with this! Specifically, if you”re trying to create that physical or visual model of your big idea, consider 3D visualization services, learn to play with augmented reality apps, buy your own 3D printer, have an artist make a sculpture of some sort, or modify an existing product if you have to.

3D Visualization Services

Probably the most effective and cost-effective way of seeing what your new product will look like is to find a 3D visualization company. With photos, specs, and descriptions, they”ll be able to give you an insanely accurate 3D modeled presentation of your product that will make a great impression on potential investors, clients, or just interested parties. The difference between having a product rendering and not having a product rendering is gigantic, and often the make it or break it point of many business deals.


Play With Augmented Reality Apps

If you have the specs on your product, you can also potentially install augmented reality apps on your phone where you can place it in real-life settings. This works particularly well for certain items like furniture, or also can show how colors and sizes will change how something looks in a space, so it”s an invaluable tool for people looking to present an item that doesn”t exist yet in a physical place.

Get a 3D Printer

If you”re serious about having your own constructed prototype on hand, buy a 3D printer and get to printing! It will probably be quite expensive, but particularly if you”re working toward some type of a patent deal, it may be the best way to go.

Have an Artist Make a Sculpture

Perhaps a more unusual solution, but still an effective one, would be to hire an artist to make some of sculpture as a product render. In essence, sculpting would be a form of 3D technology, and that you would approach the puzzle from that perspective may impress certain people.

Modify an Existing Product

A last option to get a visualization of your product would simply be to modify a similar product to make it match your vision. It wouldn”t necessarily have to operate completely correctly, but the point would certainly be made effectively, and then further prototypes would follow.


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