4 Things Every Business’ Facebook Page Should Include

There’s a reason being a social media manager these days can demand a high salary. It’s not an easy job, and managing a business’ social media or Facebook page is worlds away from having a popular, personal site. In fact, people who have thousands of “friends” might face additional obstacles if they’re saddled with managing a business site, too. It’s like being a pro boxer who’s asked to compete in MMA fighting: There are certainly similarities, but being too into one niche can hurt your chances.

Regardless of whether you’re in charge of a San Francisco business or you’ve been tasked with being the Facebook guru for a digital agency, this isn’t a job to be taken lightly. Whenever possible, hire a professional SM manager with proven experience. When that’s not possible, make sure these Facebook musts are fleshed out to improve your online presence:

1. Business hours

If you operate a brick and mortar establishment and/or offer live support, your company’s Facebook page might be the first place customers find you. They need to be able to contact you right away, and this includes knowing when live support is available or the shop is open. This should be clear without any digging.


2. Website

One of the main goals of having a business Facebook page is to drive more traffic to your website. Maybe someone stumbled upon your FB page because a friend “liked” it or your search engine optimization made it so that’s the first result on Bing. Regardless, sending customers to your website where orders can be placed or appointments made is critical.

3. Appropriate photos

Facebook is where customers can put a face to a business, but tread carefully here. The photos should be interesting, high quality but not turn anyone off. Highlight what’s great about your business while downplaying the not so great. For example, a team photo of the company participating in a fundraising walk is great. However, if your office is tiny and in a basement because you’re a startup, don’t show off those digs.

4. Posts with a lot of activity

It’ll take some time before you understand what kind of posts will get comments, likes and shares. You should be aiming to post every business day, but some of those posts will be duds. If they get no love after a week, consider hiding them from your timelines so you don’t look like the unpopular kid.

Facebook can be a great tool, but only if wielded correctly.


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