How Technology Limits The Need For Humans

If you have ever tried to start a business, you are probably aware of all the costs. From renting space to house your business to establishing elaborate computer networks, including all the hardware infrastructure,can be an enormous cost up front.

Then there is the matter of hiring everyone you need to run your business. This cost alone can tax a companies financial resources to the breaking point. Fortunately, advancements in technology are eliminating many of these start up and ongoing business costs for companies everywhere. With the advent of cloud services and remote IT management, the need for regular businesses to purchase so much up front computer infrastructure and hire IT professionals is reduced significantly, if not altogether. The days of companies having in house IT departments may shortly become a thing of the past, if technology keeps advancing as it has.

Eliminating Other Jobs Helps A company”s Bottom Line

If you think the elimination of the IT department at most major corporations is the end of how technology is changing the work place, you may want to think again. Everything from the bulk of data entry jobs to call center jobs is at risk of being replaced by computer networks with minimally artificial intelligent servers. Just think of how often you type the same words into your computer and say the same things to clients over a phone. Such redundancies can easily be performed by computers that are programmed to juggle the conditions for when to say things, as they learn these conditions based on studying human interactions from a far. With business owners then needing less space to operate and far less infrastructure, since most of this work will be outsourced to computer network management facilities, even the size of physical businesses will shrink as did computers and cell phones. Smaller, faster, and less expensive is what advancements in technology are all about. In the end, technology rapidly makes the need for humans in the work place little more than an antiquated idea.


Outside The Office

Many jobs exist outside of a physical office. Yet, even the need to hire so many police is becoming a questionable prospect in our modern technological age. With camera systems lining the streets and facial recognition software constantly comparing faces and images to make positive identifications, fewer police are needed to patrol our streets, as a handful of cops can monitor everything by accessing these remote camera systems through easy to use mobile devices. From here, remote tracking of where criminals move eliminates the need to waste resources and gas driving all over the place, in order to keep up with the criminal elements that operate in major as well as many smaller cities. For the few individuals that are fortunate to have jobs despite the increases in technology that are coming, at least there is the opportunity for wages to increase. But, even for these individuals, their level of competence and performance can jeopardize their own positions, seeing that there will be a sea of unemployed individuals ready to take their place the moment the axe falls.


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