How to Boost Production Value with the Movavi Video Editor

The phrase ‘production value’ is pretty vague, but it is generally used to describe the polish that goes into a video production. In other words: How good does the video end up looking? Does it have any special effects or stand out in any way?

The good news is that with the Movavi Video Editor you actually have all the tools that you need to really boost the production value of your videos. Because it is such an easy to use video editing software, you should be able to really put it to work and improve your videos dramatically – assuming you know where to start.


Fixing and Enhancing Video

One of the first areas that you should look into is fixing and enhancing the overall quality of your video. In that regard, some of the common problems that you can fix and tweak include:

  • Smoothening pixelated footage
  • Stabilizing ‘shaky’ footage
  • Correcting interlaced video
  • Adjusting brightness, contrast, and color

All of these may seem like ‘small’ fixes, but if you make sure that they’re all taken care of your video will end up looking a lot better than it used to. Assuming there are areas that you can’t correct or enhance you may want to consider re-recording the footage in question or figure out whether or not you can afford to trim it out.

Adding Polish

Once you’ve taken care of the overall video quality, you can choose to polish the video further by adding special effects, special filters, titles, and audio. Exactly what combination of these you decide to use will depend on your video and the look or feel that you’re going for.

Make no mistake, you shouldn’t just add polish for the sake of adding polish. Take a long and careful look at your video and decide what will suit it best. Try to make sure that the overall look remains consistent too.

With the Movavi Video Editor, you’ll have all the features that you need to get the job done. By the time you’re through editing your video, its production value should be considerably higher and it will probably look more like a professional video than an amateur production. In no small part that comes down to the fact that the software has such powerful features and yet is so user-friendly that practically anyone and everyone can use it.


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