How to deal with an Argumentative e-mail

Running an organization and sobha elan to its function is not a simple task. You are going to have employees and not machines. They will have thoughts and views of their own and sometimes they can also very subtly question the working of the company itself. When you see an argumentative e-mail, you can be frustrated and also angry. But that does not mean you let the volcano of emotions erupt.

Such incident may happen anywhere like office and housing places. So here are a few things you can do to deal with an argumentative e-mail:


When you just finish reading an argumentative e-mail, you are bound to get defensive and also would want to reply to it in an instant. All you need to do at this time is to wait and gather your thoughts. You will figure out a way to reply to it and also not do something you might regret in the future.

This is also going to make you a good example and will help you practice restraint. It is a good way to learn to deal with pressure.


Once you have taken the time to wait and think about the mail, you will have to read it again. Now, make sure that you ignore all the unprofessional language and challenging comments which are a part of the mail. Try to look for the purpose of the mail and the real problem of the employee.


One you have understood the problem, you can try to resolve it if necessary, if you think it does not really make sense, then you can politely tell the employee who so.


The next thing is to talk to the employee about the concern and also explain to him your side of the story. You could either have this conversation over the phone or even over a meeting. Try to be as friendly as possible and also first put forth your point to him.

If he tries to argue or retaliate, assure him that you are going to listen to him; but you would like to explain your point first.


After you have put across your opinion and reasoning for the concern; you will also have to listen to the employee with the concern. Do not argue with him, only let him put out all that he thinks he needs to and then try to talk to him about the points you had earlier stated.

If it turns into an argument, you both are running the risk of either losing a good resource or losing a job itself. You will have to tread around these lines very carefully.


After you and the employee have come to an understanding about the concern, you will also have to let him know that he needs to address his concerns in a polite and respectful manner the next time. Sending across argumentative mails is not going to do him much good and he might not get as lucky as he got this time.

He will also need to understand that it is no way to get things done in a professional set up.

If you follow these five steps each time you receive an argumentative mail, you are not only going to be handling the situation right; but also will be creating a good professional environment.


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