5 Ways SEO and Social Media Work Together

Some business owners, especially those new to digital marketing, tend to think that search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are two distinct entities each working independently with its own goals. However, this is not the case because the two can work together to give more value and relevance to the target audience. To achieve success, any good digital marketing strategy should have SEO and social media working together.

So what are some of the ways in which SEO and social media can work together to increase traffic to your site and achieve other goals?

Social media help in promoting content

Social media can play a significant role in indirectly boosting your search engine ranking by promoting your content. You could produce tons of excellent content that is keyword optimized but still fails to capture the target audience enough to see, read, or hear it. This is where social media comes in to help you get the content out there quickly through various channels and promote it effectively. Social media is very effective in disseminating your content to the masses since it allows sharing and other ways of interacting with it, thus spreading wider. It is effective in pushing your SEO-based content.

Although the incoming links from social media platforms may not be as great of an impact as those from high authority sites, they can positively affect your bounce rate and time-on-site engagement. Assuming that your content is of great quality, captivating, and people take significant time on your site consuming it, then the engagement metrics will make search engines realize the value of your site and rank it higher. So you need to aim at turning the best organic content into social media content to increase engagement and drive lots of traffic to your site.


Social media encourages branded searches

One of the biggest advantages of social media is increasing brand awareness, which is a key factor to successful SEO strategies. By increasing a brand”s reputation on social platforms through frequent and consistent publishing of high-quality material and engagement, the online presence of a brand will grow significantly. With the increasing brand presence, there will be increased branded searches on Google. More searches for your brand means higher traffic to your site and even higher chances of a better rating for non-branded keywords.

For such an effective SEO and social media coordination, a business will need professional services in digital marketing. While businesses can have an in-house digital marketing team, they may not manage to have all of the required experts, so working with a professional firm with all of the required experts and experience is better. One of these professional firms is SEO Analytics pro, which businesses can count on for their digital marketing needs.

Social media stimulates increased engagement

Increased engagement with your content is another way that social media boosts your site”s SEO. Higher engagement is a ranking signal for search engines. Businesses and individuals with the intention of optimizing their sites for search engines should bear in mind that engagement is a big deal. As such, they should leverage social media to promote their top-notch content. Engagement helps to build your online reputation and make connections as well as generate leads for your business. Most importantly, the more engagement your content has on social media, the higher the ranking it will get for the area it covers. This will mean your site will rank higher if you consistently publish quality content that gets a ton of engagement on social media.

Social sharing may help in link building

Most of the influencers use social media in a major way. With your content out on social platforms where the influencers are, there are higher chances of them seeing the content and sharing it while linking it from their sites or blogs. This high-value link building is almost impossible, especially at a high rate, without using social media. In that way, social media works well with SEO to boost the number of external sites linking to your content. Even more importantly, social media helps in having links from diverse authority sites, and the more diverse the external links, the greater the authority Google will give your site. So here is the thing—have high-quality content on social media to attract high-quality links from different authoritative sources.

Social platforms have become search engines

It is quite common these days for people to search for what they need on social search engines instead of using traditional search engines like Google and Bing. It is no wonder that many marketers now believe that social media is the new SEO. Potential customers are more likely to discover your content distribution channel while searching for tweets or posts related to content marketing on Twitter or Facebook search engines. Businesses should, therefore, expand their SEO strategy to include social search engines.

Wrapping up

Businesses and individuals using digital marketing need to understand that social media and SEO should work together and not separately. They should use the two together to help their sites rank higher on search engines, drive heavy traffic to their sites, and get higher conversions as well as achieve other goals. Whether you are using one, several, or all of the ways discussed above or even not mentioned above, you can leverage social media for greater success in SEO and online marketing.

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