Should There be an App for eMediation?

Serious disputes are never a pleasant circumstance for anyone to have to experience. People with a dispute would simply rather settle out of court. With other industries taking advantage of technology, it would stand to reason that out of court mediated procedures would benefit from trending in this direction as well. Just imagine if it was as simple as pulling out your smart phone and handling your mediated divorce proceedings over the phone or by text message, instead of being forced into the corner of showing up at court in person? If the goal of advancing new technologies is that these advancements are supposed to improve and make our lives so much easier, why not make mediation far easier to go through as well?

How Technology And Mediation Eliminates The Unpleasantries Of Litigation

When two disagreeing parties do not have to face off in the same room to secure their own interests, this makes it far easier to handle negotiations without a lot of the emotional back and forth. Often, two parties simply see each other from across the courtroom and the fighting and bickering begins, leading to long durations of getting nowhere fast. If people use technology to engage the mediation process by remote, rather than wasting time and money with the litigation process, this eliminates the yelling, screaming, crying, and much of the bickering that can result from the emotional strain these parties are locked under. Since a person using technology to engage the mediation process never has to leave their home or the comfort of the place where they currently reside, this not only allows them to make better mindful decisions when negotiating, but it also gets rid of most of the stress they are under.


Developing The eMediation App

It would seem that a more civil solution is to employ the use of technology to construct an eMediation app. Some features this app will need is to allow for voice and text based communications with the individual or people mediating on their behalf by proxy. With the communication channels open, the representative of a given party could now remotely communicate details back and forth as items of interest are ironed out over the negotiating table. A feature outlining all the points under negotiation, which can be updated as progress is being made to show how issues are being resolved, will also be useful for putting the process in black and white for the parties involved. Thus Allowing them to visually follow what is going on from their smart device. In addition, the eMediation app would need a feature for preparing and transmitting legal documents back and forth, with the ability to allow for eSignatures, document storage, and direct or remote printing, depending on what type of electronic device the mediation procedure is being carried out over. With such technology in place, which would not be difficult to create, the process of mediation could be far less stressful for everyone involved.


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