5 Job Hunting Apps That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Career

Finding a job these days is more difficult than ever before. There are so many people to compete with and the number of jobs available is dwindling. You need help which is why we’re going to look at a number of different apps that will help with the job hunting process.

iPQ Career Planner

Are you sure you know what kind of job you want to apply for? Maybe you’ve already spent years doing something and you want a change. The iPQ Career Planner app will dig deep into your mind to help you come up with the career you really want to spend your life doing. It does so by asking you a set of specific questions and depending on your answers it can come up with some great suggestions. You will know your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage.


Pocket Resume Pro

I’m sure you already know your resume is one of the most important documents you own and when you’re looking for a new job it’s absolutely vital you have a great one. It’s the one thing that is going to get your foot in the door. If you don’t have a great resume these is no chance you will ever get an interview. The Pocket Resume Pro app let’s your update your resume from your phone and it will even take care of the layout for you so it always looks perfect.

Hidden Jobs

Most of the jobs that become available don’t even show up in newspapers or on job sites. This is not good for you because how do you expect to find your perfect job when you will only see about 20% of them. The Hidden Jobs app helps you out by tracking a huge amount of jobs you would normally never hear about. It means you will have a lot more to apply for and there is more chance of you finding a job that is perfect for you.

Good Job

When you’re looking for a new job you can’t just apply for one at a time because it will take you years to find one. You need to keep sending your resume out to a lot of companies in the hope you’ll eventually get lucky. That means it’s difficult to keep track of everything and the Good Job app will be your personal organizer. It will remind you of interview dates, telephone conversations, jobs you’ll still to apply for and a lot more.


How many job sites do you look at on a daily basis? If you look at multiple sites per day in the hope you’ll find something you will waste a lot of hours that could be spent doing something much more productive. The JobMo app is very useful because it’s a hub that takes all the jobs from the biggest sites and puts them all into one place. There are also a number of other features including the ability to get information about specific companies.


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