5 Best Stock Analysis Software

Getting ahead in the stock market requires not just education, experience, and patience, but also a set of top-notch tools. That”s where stock market analysis software comes in, with hundreds of different features to help manage the information and give users exactly what they need to evaluate their chances with each stock. According to Vikram Nagarkar, a financial analyst at Amigobulls, this type of software can be the difference between making smart acquisition of companies or losing millions on a poor gamble. Here are the very best of stock analysis software for the upcoming year.


OptionsHouse is one of the highest rated stock analysis softwares on the market, according to Investopedia, with a platform that offers all the sophisticated tools any investor could need. The software can be accessed from either a traditional web browser or the award-winning mobile app, where there”s a number of tools from charts to one-click trading and excellent customer service and support. OptionsHouse offers several ways to diversify the portfolio with stock, options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and more.



Coming in close, with extremely competitive rates, is TradeKing. It features low fees and a number of features to help manage and track trades and financial info. This software also offers a users the ability to buy stock, options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and even make investments in IRAs. TradeKing can also be accessed via mobile so users can check in on their portfolios or utilize the live feed options, which makes keeping track of stocks from anywhere simple. Email support, phone, and live chat are available 24/7 as support channels for customers.


This software comes out on top for the most type of investments offered, even giving users access to the International Stock Exchange and various other foreign markets. OptionsXpress has several other features and resources available for investors, including interactive video tutorials and virtual test trading environments to practice in before moving into the real world. It”s a great interface for less experienced traders to try out while still remaining an equally useful software for veterans. It also comes with mobile apps available, though they”re missing essential features like depositing checks and barcode scanning. There is, however, excellent support around the clock.


TradeStation also has an excellent platform, equipped with great research tools and keeping fees and commissions to at a low level. It offers the most impressive ranges of options for investments, though it doesn”t grant access to the International Stock Exchange. Research tools are easily customizable, allowing users to set up what”s best for them, and everything is available both via desktop and through mobile devices. In a review on TopTen, the customer service and support options are among the best rated and the software offers a wealth of educational materials and video tutorials for those who wish to learn.


Fidelity tries to go above and beyond just the mere analysis of stock, it offers a wide variety of tools to help users develop their portfolio further, track investments, and increase retirement income. There”s also educational materials available to learn more about finances and making intelligent choices for investments. Fidelity”s tools include options for automated trading, charts, graphs, research, and watch lists. This program also comes with great support and options that are available 24/7.


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