Big Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Given all the talk about big data solutions hitting the Internet these days, it is really just a matter of time before quicker memory storage, processing, and data manipulation methods will put the power of big data inside mobile devices themselves. Not big data in terms of needing a link to a large dedicated system of very fast processing In-Memory servers to handle it, but rather, a system where everything is handled by something as small as a smart phone on its own.

To be able to carry that much computing power around in such a small device would truly be state of the art. At such a size reduction, a handful of smart phones could potentially out perform a room full of super computers. Is such a feat even possible or is the frontier of computing capacity reaching its limits? This is a question that is rather difficult to answer, but if current trends are any indication of where science is at in developing better and faster systems, then this may indicate that there is still a lot of room for innovation and growth in the industry overall.

New Data Storage and Processing Methods

Some may consider such a compact system, maintaining the same processing power, as being far fetched given our current technological constraints. But with physical chip based ram systems already proving to ramp up the speed at which bid data processing is done, it would not be so far fetched if a more convenient medium for data storage and manipulation were to be found. Perhaps a chemical system put under an electrical charge, which changes the states of chemical interactions is all we need to accurately store and manipulate vast libraries of big data sets in a smaller device.


Maybe the medium for the job is a combination of suitable gases instead, manipulated by changes in a magnetic field, which being less physically restricted than physical ram chips may allow for even faster processing speeds than currently exist on the market. Then again, new chip designs for super dense memory chips may beat alternative storage mediums to the punch.

Is This Degree of Computing Power Safe?

The smaller and faster our computerized devices become, the more things we are able to do with them. Making these devices mobile not only allows us to take this power on the move, but it also opens the door for individuals to utilize very powerful hand held computers for potentially dangerous purposes. Hacking a bank or even a government agency”s private network would potentially be in reach for such a mobile device, simply due to the sheer speed and raw processing power such a device would contain. With many systems vulnerable as it is, such a reduction in size and increase in computing power could potentially not only give hackers the upper hand. Such advantages would make them even harder to trace once their efforts are mobile, creating even more problem for law enforcement agencies.


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