4 Apps That Will Help You Budget For Homeownership

Becoming a homeowner might be a closer milestone than you realize. There are many Americans who are currently wasting their time and money renting, when they could be paying off a mortgage or other type of housing loan. However, you need to take the step to analyze your budget first and determine whether your household brings in enough reliable income so that you can make payments on time. Here are four apps that can help you uncover the possibilities.


Mint automatically syncs all of your account balances in a single spot – your loans, checking, savings, 401k, and investments all fall under this umbrella. You can set bill pay reminders and have Mint alert you if accounts fall under a certain level. You can also receive automated notifications when you are charged banking fees or interest, so that you can take control over the amount of money you”re leaking.


Mortgage Calculator

Not sure if you”ll be able to take on a mortgage? Well this handy calculation tool will help you get some relieve. You”ll be able to compare and contrast multiple mortgages, including their monthly payments, the total loan costs, loan terms, and down payments. You”ll also be able to track property tax payments, so that you can have a comprehensive idea of your regular financial obligations.

Savings Goals

This iOS app will transform you into a thrifty spender and an effective saver. You can set a multitude of savings goals, change currency units, and track your progress as you save toward your new home, a vacation, and other major financial milestones. Savings Goals gives you a clear savings schedule, so you know exactly how much to put away each month. You also get a handy visualization meter of how close you are to reaching a goal

Envelopes 2

Do you enjoy the systematic approach of envelope saving? It can be rather hard to partition large amounts of money with paper money and paper envelopes, so these developers have created a virtual system. Just download the Envelopes 2 app and set your budget for the week. The money you”re able to save can go toward your future home.

Purchasing a home requires a significant amount of financial planning. Don”t be discouraged if you don”t qualify for a mortgage, because you still have funding options. Start preparing for your future by downloading these financial planning apps.


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