3 Great Ways Technology Makes Organization A Breeze

Technology has seemingly invaded every aspect of people”s lives these days, and in recent years the emphasis on technology at the home consumer level has probably been focused mostly on cellphones, video games, iPods, and various computers of different sizes and capabilities. But what about using today”s available technology to accomplish the traditional tasks and projects that have been associated with owning a home from the beginning? Here are some thoughts on how modern technology can be used to have some very old projects get done by very new methods.

Storage of Unused Goods and Furniture

When the house is bursting at the seams with old furniture, or if moving to a new location is in the cards and things need to be transported there, moving pods are a great way to get the job done in a less painful fashion. Goods can be placed into the container very easily because it sits at ground level and has no ramp like a moving truck does.

Once the container is full, it gets transported either to the new home location or to temporary storage facilities provided by the container vendor. There, furniture and other goods stay in climate-controlled storage until the day of retrieval comes. Any number of storage containers can be used to move a whole house or just a room full of goods. The operation is not entirely free of hassle, but it does come as close as possible.


Making the Home More Energy Efficient

This is a very popular way to make use of technology today to accomplish a really worthwhile project – saving money on utility bills by using less energy. One great way to do this with a simple little high-tech gadget is to use a programmable thermostat. With this newest version of home climate control, heating and cooling schemes can be organized to use less energy during times when family members are asleep or absent, and conditioned air is not really needed.

Another idea in this same vein is making use of today”s high-tech windows and doors that have double-pane or triple-pane glass in them. Between the layers of glass in these windows is an insulating layer, sometimes filled with gas, which acts to keep conditioned air in the home and unconditioned air outside. It doesn”t have any moving parts, but it is still a great use of modern technology to accomplish a really useful objective.

Organize Spring Cleaning

Cellphones today are obviously not just for making phone calls, especially the more capable smartphones. All smartphones now have a number of apps already loaded on the machine when purchased, and any number of additional apps can be downloaded for use at either no cost or minimal cost.

One of the handiest organizers available for cellphones are notepads. Notepads can be used for literally everything, and are marvelous at keeping both small and large tasks organized. For instance, making a grocery store shopping list might be a good usage, or listing all secret passwords.

When spring rolls around and it”s time for spring cleaning, all the tasks that need to be done can be recorded in a cellphone notepad so that none get overlooked. In this way, trash gets removed as planned, outdoor landscaping and gardening equipment can be purchased, shelving can be cleaned, rugs can be turned out, and all the ideas dreamed up during winter will be remembered and hopefully accomplished when the right time comes.


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