Tips for Keeping Your Employees Up To Date About Technology

Many employees of companies are frustrated because they feel like they’re not appreciated enough within their industry, and the reason behind much of this is because there is a set of missing knowledge in their lexicons.

This is a very simple situation to avoid if you can instinctively follow these five basic pathways – read up on and understand the concept of knowledge transfer, hold regular paid meetings where everyone gets to watch tutorials about technology, promote the idea of learning things outside of normal job activities, support online education whenever possible, and keep your company using cutting edge technology as well.

Read Up About Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is a fascinating subject, and the more you know about it, the more you can use both the psychological principles and the practical methods to make it happen among the employees in your network. Having a knowledge transfer plan is also very important to upper management, as when people get poached or move to different companies there is often a large hole that must be filled quickly to prevent any kind of issue with company solidity.

Hold Regular Meetings To Watch Tutorials

By watching online tech tutorials, employees will get a break from their typical activities, and there will also be a bond that forms between people that have a common communication spectrum. Schedule these meetings so that when major advances happen in a field that affects your company, everyone will remain abreast of the types of decisions that could potentially happen in the near future. You’d be surprised how much people appreciate this understanding of company tactics, especially within the communication and electronics industries.

Promote Learning Outside of Typical Job Activities

One interesting theory that makes sense within many companies is that every person should be learning how to do the job of the person that is their boss, and should be training someone underneath them to do the job that they do. This way there is plenty of leeway for people to come and go, and there is lots of flexibility for cross-collaboration and other ways and means of advancement.


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Support Online Schooling

If you or your company supports enrolling in online education, that is another great way to have employees stay up to date with technology. This could be either through degree programs or even online certifications, depending on the needs of the company.

Keep Your Company Using the Edges of Technology

If you push your employees to learn about new tech, but your company itself isn’t using the latest technology, there is a certain amount of inherent hypocrisy in play. Make sure that you practice what you preach within your industry, and employee happiness will follow suit.


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