Dress for the Occasion: 5 Ways Technology Enhances Outdoor Experiences

When exploring the outdoors, specific attire can make the experience more enjoyable. For instance, you wouldn”t want to wear Bermuda shorts while visiting the polar ice caps. Advancements in technology have enhanced various ways to dress in order to maximize the effect of visiting outdoor locations. While proper clothing is still important, there are many ways that tech gear can improve upon the right set of circumstances.


Some may not realize just how important the right wrist watch is to the outdoor adventure. Devices that are G-Shock resistant and waterproof are common among those that play hard outside. However, other additions can be greatly beneficial such as solar power recharging, barometric pressure or even telecommunication. When traveling the outdoors, you never know what can strike your wrist possibly breaking that expensive gold watch. Some of these advanced timepieces are able to sustain a direct blow from a five pound sledge hammer.


Solar Tents

If you plan on spending a great deal of time in the great outdoors, tents offer protection at night while sleeping. Solar tents can also provide a way to charge phones, lights and batteries during the day. Some of these units are also equipped with fans providing additional comfort through using the power provided by the sun. As a lot of solar camping gear operates for extended amounts of time, there is less concern about running out of resources such as propane or wood in order to provide comfort and basic survival.

Thermal Coats

For those looking for cooler climates to explore, warms coats are an obvious need. Through technological advancements, the thermal coats of today provide a great deal more warmth than those of the 20th century. Various coats are designed to protect the wearer from the harshest environments while others are designed to implement solar technology and other creature comforts. Regardless of the weather, there is more than likely a coat that will promote functionality while keeping you safe from the elements.

Combining Several in One

In a way to save storage space while providing outdoor attire, one particular company has combined a jacket, sleeping bag and miniature tent in one unit. Not only does the jacket provide waterproofing to keep you dry at night, but a small dome tent fits over your head covering your face while you sleep. Essentially, the jacket can act as your shelter after making a few zips and quick conversions here and there. While it may not be a practical choice in colder climates, this jacket could be greatly beneficial while hiking through forests or hills that maybe subjected to light-to-medium rainfall.

Digital Binoculars

Thanks to the evolution of digital technology, binoculars can take viewing to greater levels. These devices are capable of recording in full HD while providing 3D models of what is being viewed. Animal watching and viewing nature can now be rendered in lifelike imagery through what the owner sees through the digital binoculars.

These are only a few items that can enhance the outdoor experience. While some are more appropriate for various types of weather, others can be utilized regardless of where your adventure takes you. Get the most out of your outdoor experience by incorporating technology into your plans for appropriate attire.


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