Astounding New Smartphone Runs Windows Operating System

Until now, it seemed as though the two main competitors in smartphone operating system production were Apple and Android. Other operating systems such as Linux were deemed too complex for end-users, or simply fell to the side as did the Blackberry OS. Recently, however, Windows has stepped up to provide customers with another operating system to consider; Windows 8.1.

What Phones Run Windows OS?

As of now, only One Touch Pop 2 is capable of running Windows 8.1. Previously an Android only platform, customers can now purchase a device with either system installed. The One Touch Pop 2 is, naturally, a Windows made phone, or “WP.” And in addition to being the first smartphone to run Windows OS, it is also the first WP smartphone to be powered by an impressively compact 64-bit processor. While no official release date has been confirmed as of yet, the specs, price and user options have been made available.

How Powerful is the One Touch Pop 2?

The One Touch Pop 2 is most definitely a performance powerhouse; much more so than a feature phone. It is set to have a gigabyte of RAM and eight gigabytes of on-board storage. It also contains a powerful 2,000-mAH battery and LTE support. The Windows variant is confirmed to outdo the Android version with a clock speed of one point two gigahertz and a four core Snapdragon 410 processor.

Its display and video capture systems fall a little short of average, however. It features a 480 by 854 resolution screen and a four megapixel rear camera, although its VGA snapper does showcase an LED flash. The video quality is guaranteed to be smooth, though, as the graphics will be processed by the Adreno 306 GPU, a piece of technology designed to cope with video gaming on personal computers and laptops.

How Much Will it Cost?

Despite its more than solid technical specs, the One Touch Pop 2 will be available for a surprisingly thrifty $154. For users on a budget, this low-price range phone will be a solid purchase, offering great performance for only a small sum of money.

How Does the One Touch Pop 2 Look?

According to Cheap, the One Touch Pop 2 will be only a centimeter thick and 150 grams in weight. In addition to its pocket-friendly build, it features a sleek and rounded design which matches the available Windows 8.1 interface. On release, the One Touch Pop 2 will arrive in six bold colors, including black and white, alongside the standard array of primary colors.

Available in a dual SIM version, this modestly priced phone is a solidly designed system looking to rival the likes of Apple and Android who stand tall in the market right now. Offering a one-of-a-kind operating system (thought to be only operable on personal computers and laptops), solid features and impressive specs, the One Touch Pop 2 is a laptop the size of a smartphone, only much, much more affordable.


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