5 Apps to Help With Recovery After Rehab

Recovery from addiction doesn”t happen all at once or on a tidy, set schedule. Luckily, there are many apps that have been created to aid those in recovery. Whenever a little encouragement, stress relief, or even a simple distraction is needed, these apps are right there on smartphones, tablets, or computers, ready to help.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a hypnotist and stress-management coach who has been helping people for nearly twenty years. With this app, available on Android and Apple devices, he hopes to bring these tools to recovering alcoholics. Whether a user has been sober for days or decades, Johnson”s app may help in moments of stress or anxiety to find the calm and peace of mind that will help keep sobriety intact.


Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Many applications are there round the clock, and are available for both Android and Apple devices that has an average rating of over 4.5 stars. These apps were created to work alongside additional assistance, such as rehabilitation. With apps available 24 hours a day, these meditations are always at the user”s disposal. If there are challenges ahead, pick up the phone, look at the app”s daily meditation, and find some peace.

12 Steps AA Companion

This app, available via both Apple and Android, helps take what has been learned at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and allows users to have those same advantages wherever they go. It includes the entire text of AA”s The Big Book as well as tools to help study and mark passages for review at a later time. It will also keep a running sobriety calculator for giving users the ability to quickly see how many days they have been sober. Use the Notes part of the app to post encourage passages to others using Facebook or Twitter. This app is also a useful tool to find meetings or groups in unfamiliar areas, such as on business trips or personal vacations.

One Day at a Time

Similar to the 12 Steps AA Companion app, the One Day at a Time app digitizes AA”s The Big Book. This particular app makes it interactive. Whether only a bit of encouragement, distraction from a particular stressor or situation, or lifelong sobriety is the goal, One Day at a Time can help people out by allowing them to access prayers, information on their  current step in recovery, or simply find inspirational passages or stories. Recovering addicts can also use this app to track their own sobriety and keep up with the recovery of friends and loved ones. Find this helpful app on Android and Apple devices.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has been shown to help people reduce stress and find peace of mind. It is easy to see how meditation might be good for a person in recovery. The Mindfulness Meditation app, currently available for the iPhone, can help people make meditating a routine. Application users can select how long of a meditation session they would like, then simply follow the app”s audio cues to help achieve that goal. After the meditation has finished, users have the option to share their meditation experience with a friend.


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