3 Tech Tips for Getting Landing Pages to Convert Better

Landing pages are the perfect way for specific visitors to your website to find exactly what they want or need and then make their purchase decision quickly. When making a great landing page, it’s important to know what stage in the purchasing process your user is at and then cater your content to their intent. Knowing where the user is in the sales funnel will be a great help in knowing what tech aspects to include on your webpage in order for your users to convert better.

Countdown Clock

Depending on the user’s placement in the sales funnel, it could be beneficial for you to create a sense of urgency on your landing page in order to get your user to make their purchasing decision quicker. By implementing a type of countdown clock on your landing page, whether it’s for the amount of product you have left in stock or the number of minutes left for a specific deal, the sense of urgency this can create will help you move product. However, Neil Patel of QuickSprout reminds those selling a digital product to be wary of phrasing referring to running out of items. Patel advises to use tactics that touch on what will happen if the user doesn’t act now as opposed to tactics that use time as the factor. This will help keep your brand integrity and your image untarnished.


Responsive Call to Action Buttons

One of the most obnoxious things a user can encounter is a button that doesn’t work as an actual button to take them anywhere. If you’re going to go through the trouble of creating a call to action button—which you should—you might as well put that button to use. This infographic from Marketing Tech Blog states that a good practice for landing pages is to make your calls to action very noticeable and to have the button work as the actual call to action. This will increase your user experience and boost your conversion rates.

Click to Call

If the call to action on your landing page is having the user call your business, including the technology for a click to call number is invaluable. According to Peter LePage from Google, click to call capabilities for a landing page meant to be viewed on a mobile device will make it easier for your potential customers or leads to directly connect with you in a way that is ultra convenient for them and easy to track for you. And this technology is very easy to implement on your website. If you need a little training, Google is a great resource to show you just how you can begin using this technology to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Technology has made it infinitely easier to optimize and track landing page success. By using these three advancements, you’ll be able to see an increase in conversions on your own website soon.


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