Does Your Smart Mobile Device Have You Covered?

The beauty of advances in high tech smart gadgets is that with time many of these devices actually start to provide us with many practical uses. Games, exercise, and messaging apps are among the most popular uses for modern smart devices, but this is only scratching the tip of the iceberg with what our mobile devices are capable of doing. If you can imagine getting hit by a passing car as you are walking across the street, all your mobile device has to do is detect the impact in order to jump into action.

You may feel a little disoriented, but your smart device is already documenting all the important relevant facts and structuring your personal injury case. With the right app on your phone or tablet, that is all it takes to get the proverbial ball rolling. Not only could your smart mobile device take down relevant information important to your case, times, places, velocity of the car impacting you, and other details, but it could also help you to determine if you need medical treatment and quickly pull up emergency services over a WiFi connection for you as well.

Cradled in the lap of technological care, the smart devices of today and tomorrow can truly improve your chances for survival and be a crucial aid helping to clarify what happened in court when your case comes up for review.

The Accurate Witness

Your smart device may not be able to officially take the stand, but a properly programmed app can make it possible for a smart device to narrate for the court an accurate statement on what happened and in what order. In a lot of situations, something as simple as recording the squeal of the tires and how long it takes that squeal to stop is all that one needs to provide a decent reconstruction of how fast the car was traveling–especially if investigators have an accurate measurement of the car”s mass to use in their calculations of how long it took for the tires to stop squealing to determine a reasonably accurate braking distance.


If your smart device is also supplied with a physics app that can calculate that out before hand, using simple formulas from physics, this makes your smart device an even more impressive witness in your personal injury case. The beauty of having an electronically recorded account from your smart device is that the smart device is an unbiased source of information–especially if the information is transmitted off site to be stored in a location where it can be viewed, but not tampered with by the owner of the smart device that was making the initial recording.

Triggering Other Resources

Another important feature that smart phones could eventually have to help ensure that your case is well documented is if your smart device also signals other smart devices to jump into action in your area. Say the driver that hits you just keeps on driving and you fail to get their license plate number. Since you are in the city your smart phone alerts other smart devices, like additional cameras that not only record the car fleeing the scene but also start gathering specific information about that car, such as its license plate number and its path of motion through the city. This can go a long way towards helping police to catch the person involved in the hit and run, better ensuring your personal injury case is brought before the proper authorities.


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