5 Ways To Increase Tech Work Productivity

Tech and administrative work can be difficult for a number of different reasons. Parts of it can be too repetitious, making it difficult to focus. Parts of it can be incredibly challenging, to the point where you just have to sit and think for hours before you can come up with any real solution to a problem.

But despite the fact that there are so many challenges to productivity, there are a number of general ways that you can fight against the inability to get things done efficiently. For the purpose of argument, consider the five following ways to increase your tech work productivity.

Get Your Project and Portfolio Management Straight

If there isn”t a clear line of communication between IT departments, or between IT and management, then productivity is going to go down the drain. To help fix this, by contracting project and portfolio work to a specialist, you”ll get all of the best methods, techniques, and software to smooth those edges and get that engine running flawlessly. Whereas it may be difficult for you to set this system up yourself, or even internally at all, a 3rd party consultant knows all and has all of the infrastructure set up already.

Look Up Statistics About Focus

As a manager, you might think you can make your employees more productive by making them work harder or focus longer. But if you look up statistics about focus, you”ll find that it”s not a sustainable thing, and that people work much better if they have periods of focus and periods of relaxing. If you bake that into your daily work schedule, much more will get done.


Use Macros Whenever Possible

There are lots of great options to install macro software on your computers as well. Any kind of repetitious typing or clicking patterns can be set to a macro, and that will leave far less wear and tear on your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and over time, potentially save you hours of work.

Have the Right Food at Work

Another great easy way to increase productivity at work, especially at tech jobs where concentration and energy are important, is by having the right food available. This could mean food in a lunch room, food in a snack machine, or food in a shared refrigerator. A short amount of research will tell you what healthy snacks should be available.

Limit Your Distractions

The fastest killer of productivity at a job, especially where computers or cell phone use is prevalent, are the distractions that come with the territory. Social media and games are the worst time killers, and though they are great for their own reasons, to limit the ability to distract yourself from work with them is going to be key.


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