3 Tornado Safety Tips for Schools

Tornados are a severe weather occurrence and should be taken into consideration in the schools. It is important for all staff and students to be aware of the procedures during tornados and to participate in drills throughout the year. Tornado safety for schools is very important in order to keep everyone safe during the storm. Here are a few tornado safety tips for schools. Implementing some of these tips can help your students and staff during a tornado or severe storm.

Protect Everyone From Hazards During the Tornado

If a tornado were to occur during school hours, it is important to know how to protect everyone from hazards during the tornado such as flying debris and other dangers. Flying debris is possibly the biggest danger during a tornado or even severe storms. In order to keep safe from flying debris, you should take students to areas that are free of windows and away from as many doors as glass as possible. The best areas for schools are often interior hallways or classroom on the second floor that have no or few windows.

Bad Weather

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Know the Limits

If the tornado or severe weather comes quickly, children and staff should stay at school after hours until the storm has subsided. Your school should be utilizing storm tracking software in order to know when the storm is predicted to occur. Schools are much safer than cars or buses, which is why it is better for everyone to stay at school until the storm passes, even if it is later than usual.

Have an Alert System

Every school should be equipped with a weather alert system in order to successfully navigate and communicate during severe weather and storms. Weather alert systems act as a miniature professional weather station and can keep school officials on top of the developing weather in their area so that everyone can be kept safe.


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